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Best Professional Driving Course Ever Conceived

Best Professional Driving Course Ever Conceived
Professional Safe Driver Course Professional Safe Driver Course

AvatarFleet is putting the finishing touches on the best professional driving course ever conceived. Okay, I know that sounds over the top. But, it’s true!  During the past 20 years we produced thousands of custom safety programs for hundreds of transportation companies, both big and small.  Now, we’ve taken the best of the best from all of them, applied our creative energy and produced this remarkable new curricula. It demonstrates hundreds of best practices for big rig driving and it’s entertaining and memorable with colorful, engaging characters.  It’s fresh and different and it will keep your drivers’ attention.

It should be presented to newly-hired drivers during orientation. And, its modular design allows for use in safety meetings or remedial training.  It can be self-directed or delivered by a trainer. 16 DVD modules - use every last minute or just the parts that you need the most.

Please see for yourself.  Send me an email at mgardner@avatarms.com and I’ll make sure one of our Fleetsters sends you a free copy of one of the modules (or fill out this form to sign up now) Federal Regulations and Hours of Service, so you can see for yourself just how good this course really is.  No obligation. No salesman.  It’s yours to keep. We’d be grateful if you let us know what you think, but even that’s optional.

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Mark G. Gardner
Chief Executive Officer
Avatar Management Services, Inc
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