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5 Learning Management Features That Will Help Your Non-CDL Drivers Avoid Accidents


Moving your non-CDL driver training online saves you time, money, and headaches. Best of all, it’s easier than you might think. You just need one simple tool: a learning management system. 

With a learning management system, training your drivers is easy. You’ll see accident numbers - not to mention your cost of loss - plummet.

What Are The Benefits of a Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a website your drivers access in order to take video-based training online. All of your courses are stored in one convenient location and only accessible by your company. At face value alone, this is a powerful proposition, but the benefits go even further than that.

There are five LMS features that will help you reduce accidents at your company:

  • Learning is accessible from anywhere
  • Saves user progress
  • Easily assign training
  • Batch uploading users
  • Running user/training reports

These lay the foundation for a world-class driver training program, allowing you to protect your people and your bottom line.

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1. Training Accessible From Anywhere

With a learning management system, your drivers can access their training from anywhere with an internet connection and from any computer or smart device.

This makes it easy to:

While this feature is most often used for online self-directed training, you can use it for in-person classroom training as well. Just pull up the course from a computer and display it for the group to see.

A learning management system gives your company the flexibility to conduct training any way you need to.

2. Save User Progress

A learning management system doesn’t just benefit the company. It makes things easier for your drivers as well.

An LMS allows your drivers to save their progress as they go through a course. This means they can start, stop, and come back later at the same point they left off.

This feature makes training less intimidating for drivers. They’ll be more likely to sit down at their computer and learn essential driving techniques if they know they can stop and come back where they left off.

3. Easily Assign Training

With an LMS, it just takes a few clicks to assign training to your entire company.

Most systems have a simple drag-and-drop feature that allows you to assign various courses to any of your drivers. Then, your drivers will be alerted that they have been assigned a course.

Sometimes, though, you don’t want your entire company to take a training course. You also don’t want to be stuck manually clicking name after name to assign a course to a long list of drivers. Most learning management systems have a work-around for this. 

You can create “learning groups” (such as various locations at your company, new hires, types of vehicle drivers, etc.) and assign everyone in the group a course with just one click. An LMS lets you send out essential driver training in a matter of seconds.

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4. Batch Upload Users

An LMS makes it easy to create users and courses for your company.

If you have your employees in a spreadsheet, most systems allow you to upload that spreadsheet and automatically create user profiles for hundreds of drivers.

Then, you can have the system automatically notify these users via email that they’ve been given access to the learning management system. The email will have a link that they click in order to create their profile and login credentials.

Of course, this is just one example of how you could create users. An LMS gives you the flexibility to handle user profiles in the way that works best for your company.

5. Running User/Training Reports

For some companies, it’s legally necessary to document the training process. Other companies may just want to do so for their own sake. Regardless, an LMS makes it easy to do so.

An LMS automatically tracks employee training progress on courses, groups of courses, etc. It shows you who has completed what, who has partially completed it, and who hasn’t even started. You can run custom reports to receive big-picture data or drill down to specifics.

Then, you can set these reports to run automatically. Get daily, weekly, or monthly training reports sent directly to your inbox.

And finally, you can download these reports for later access if necessary.

An LMS makes training sign-in sheets a thing of the past.

Get Better Training Results - Move Your Training to a Learning Management System

You can lower your accidents, injuries, and cost of loss without dumping in time and resources. Move your training to a learning management system.

Our clients who use The Fleet Safety Course and our LMS have all experienced:

  • 20% reduction in accidents
  • 20% reduction in cost of loss
  • Fewer problems and headaches
  • An easier training process

Learn how you can bring your training online and get world-class results today.

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