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Mr. Gardner Speaks On Driver Retention | Great Lake Truck Expo

Preventing turnover of drivers is a hot topic again. Then again, it’s been plaguing the industry for decades.  Logic dictates that a driver saved is one less that needs to be hired.  AvatarFleet CEO Mark G. Gardner cites 192 reasons for driver turnover in his White Paper, Become A Great Trucking Company. Using the analogy of weights on a balance scale, he points out that imagined or real negatives can overwhelm positives for a carrier and that will lead to turnover. “Every driver you employ joined you because, at the time of hire, the positives seemed to outweigh the negatives,” he explains.

Mark will discuss Driver Retention and many other areas of turnover prevention in a speech as part of the Great Lakes Truck Expo on Wednesday September 18th at 1:30pm, Hire and Retain Exceptional Drivers.

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