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2020 Third Quarter Features Recap

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ISB Integration

We have introduced an integration between A-Suite and ISB, a background screening provider. No longer will you have to live in two systems, download and upload PDF results, and deal with your integration disconnecting.

ISB’s technology ensures that you will never have to leave A-Suite to order background screens or view the results. Receive automatic status updates such as “In Progress” or “Complete”, and have a better integration experience thanks to A-Suite and ISB’s modern technology stacks.

A-Suite Ad Launched

We are proud to introduce our newest recruiting tool, A-Suite Ad. By simply connecting your company’s Facebook page to A-Suite, you can narrowly target the most qualified drivers your job posts on Facebook’s ad network. With our easy-to-use ad builder, you can choose your audience and create attention-grabbing job posts that will be seen by the right people.

Lower your cost-per-hire by $500, increase the quality of your candidates, and stop using job boards that re-sell your leads.

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ASAP Benefits Launched

We partnered with ASAP benefits to provide an affordable health insurance option for smaller owner-operators and independent contractors. These plans feature zero dollar copay telemedicine for drivers on the road and office/hospital access at home, and 365-day open enrollment.

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License Info on the Profile Page

Your users’ Drivers License information can now be found on the profile, underneath a user’s basic information. A-Suite can pull this information from a user’s application and display it in the profile, and it can also be manually edited or added.

Further, license information is now available to view, sort, and filter in columns on the employee and candidate browsers.

Custom Fields

A-Suite's custom fields allow you to tailor your user experience to retrieve the exact data that you need from employees and candidates. You can create custom questions to ask and then include them across configurable items.

Our Custom Fields creator makes it easy to get the information you need from your drivers and employees. Simply create your custom fields, and then place them in the appropriate place.

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Download All Button for Records

A-Suite allows you to download a given selection of records in a zipped file to your computer for external use. This is very useful in the case of an audit, or if you need to share A-Suite data with other departments or areas of your business.

The download option is available inside a user’s profile to download one person’s data, or as a Mass Action within the Records browser to download files from several users.

Download Records in a ZIP File KnowledgeBase Article

Terminate Employee Screen

We have enhanced the Terminate Employee function by adding two new features: the option to select a termination date, and a way to reassign the terminated person’s responsibilities to another employee. The Terminate Employee function can be found in the user’s profile, in the Actions menu.

Terminate Employee KnowledgeBase Article

Candidates can Upload Multiple Files at One Time

We have added the ability to upload multiple files at one time, for example when creating records or adding unassociated files. To do so, you can select multiple files in your operating system and drag and drop them, or within the Upload Attachments dialog box.

Comply Forms is now Form Requests

Our old Comply Forms feature has been given a major upgrade. Form Requests is the new more comprehensive version, allowing you to send a request to an employee for them to fill out a required form.

You can send requests on an individual basis from a user’s profile, or as a mass action from the Candidate, Employee, or Records browsers.

Additionally, once a form request is received by the target employee, they then have a 72-hour window to fill it out without having to log in to their account. If they need to log in but have forgotten their login credentials, they can request a one-time code via text message, or reset their password via email.

Form Requests KnowledgeBase Article

Online Orientation and Safety Meetings Now Available

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we have added the ability to integrate your orientation and safety training with Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, and GoToMeeting. This way, you can host your meetings virtually instead of in-person.

This beneficial integration is permanent, so you can continue to host your orientation and safety training virtually even after we emerge from the COVID-19 restrictions. No more attempts to fill in new employees with a fire hose of information in a short period of time; you can now let them access your orientation sessions at a more reasonable pace.

Integrate LMS with Web Conferencing KnowledgeBase Article

Truckers Against Trafficking Course Now Available

AvatarFleet has teamed up with Truckers Against Trafficking and Busing On The Lookout to provide these organizations’ anti-trafficking training programs absolutely free to all AvatarFleet customers, located inside our Learning Management System. Because human traffickers rely on interstate systems and bus services to transport their victims, professional drivers are in a unique position to cross paths with traffickers and victims. That’s why we feel it is important for carriers and transport companies to add anti-trafficking courses to their standard employee training programs.

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