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For The Love of Drivers: Expectations Agreements & Using Tech For Recruiting

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Our conversation continues with Kim Richardson of KRTS to talk about developing an Expectations Agreement for your drivers and how mobile and web technology can influence a wave of new opportunities for driver recruiting.

Watch the talk in the video and read the summary in the second part of our series, For the Love of Drivers.

Millennials: The New Workforce

Millennials, for better or for worse, have different expectations from their employers than past generations. Raised in the technological boom, they’ve been trained on instant gratification. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s reality. Pair that with the fact that millennials are now the largest generational workforce in America and it’s time the trucking industry adapts to their style of work.

Creating Expectations Agreement For Your Drivers

We've trained the generation for instant gratification. It's not necessarily bad. It is just what it is, so how do you adapt to that in the workplace?” - Scott Rea

To meet the needs of millennials, you must create channels for consistent feedback and communication. The best place to start is by creating expectations agreements for your drivers. Create a one-page document that details the expectations that you have of your employees and that your employees should have of you. Go over this together, sign it, and file it for safekeeping. Frequently reference it to make sure you’re both on the same page about expectations. Better yet, have a weekly or bi-weekly meeting where you touch base and discuss the role your driver plays, if he or she is performing well, and the impact it has on your company. This is something that older generations want as well. The difference is, millennials demand it.

Adding to New Technologies To Your Recruiting Arsenal

When I'd first saw [web-chats] I said, ‘What the heck would you need that for?’ Now I look at it on our website and I hear about the hits in the conversations I'm like, "How did we ever do without it? Where are we going to be in 10 years?" - Kim Richardson

Younger generations require new approaches to recruiting. Luckily, developing technology is keeping up with them. Two important steps you can take in your recruiting process is to implement texting and web-chat. Given the current job market, a driver can get a job anywhere at any time. You have to make sure your recruiting efforts allow for instant communication. Products like A-Suite help in your recruiting efforts by allowing for easy text and web-chat communication with your recruits direct to their mobile devices. You’ll have a much easier time recruiting and hiring all-star drivers when they carry you around in their pocket.

2019 TransRep Recruiting Symposium

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