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A-Suite Recruit

A-Suite Recruit A-Suite Comply

The Top Problems New AvatarFleet Customers Face (And How to Avoid Them)

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first two steps toward becoming much more effective in your job as a Safety Director.

A-Suite Recruit LLLC Defensive Driving Driver Marketing A-Suite Comply Client Success Stories

ATCO Doubles Hires While Reducing Accidents/Million Miles to Zero

Challenge Faced ATCO Hauling, a woman-owned, tractor-trailer, and dump truck company, found itself submerged under the weight of paperwork and manual ...

A-Suite Recruit LLLC Defensive Driving Driver Marketing A-Suite Comply Client Success Stories

Puryear Grows Fleet 122% While Reducing Accidents/Million Miles by 32%

Challenge Faced Puryear Tank Lines, a third-generation, family-operated logistics firm, faced significant organizational and operational challenges wi...

A-Suite Recruit Client Success Stories

ATC Driveaway Doubles Hires, Improves Speed-to-Hire With A-Suite

ATC Driveaway Transportation Services offers commercial truck manufacturers, work truck builders, and fleet management companies reliable, on-time, pr...

Compliance Recruiting A-Suite Recruit A-Suite Comply

Simplifying Compliance with New York's Article 19-A

For the passenger motor carriers who run in the state of New York, Article 19-A is a pain to manage. There is a lot of redundancy to the FMCSA Driver ...

Recruiting A-Suite Recruit Driver Marketing A-Suite Comply Client Success Stories

How JMS Transport Redefined Its Recruiting & Compliance Department with AvatarFleet's Software and Services

JMS Transportation's partnership with AvatarFleet has boosted recruiting, compliance, and operational efficiency. JMS overcame the small business hurd...

recruiter-hiring drivers
Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

Unlocking Efficiency: How to Find the Perfect Candidates Every Time

Do you find yourself saying “I don’t need more candidates, I need more of the right candidates”? We encounter many driver recruiters feeling frustrate...

recruiter thinking about driver recruiting software cost
Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

How Much Does Driver Recruiting Software Cost?

Summary: The cost of driver recruiting software can range between $129-$6,000 per month, or $1,548-$72,000 annually, based on your fleet size. This do...

Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

Introducing AvatarFleet's New Candidate Landing Page

You want the best drivers lining up to work for you. And, you want to spend less time sorting through leads so you can build your fleet of all-stars.

Recruiting A-Suite Recruit

Why Qualified Drivers Aren't Replying to Your Ads

Are you fishing with a net or a spear?