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Mark G. Gardner

Picture of Mark G. Gardner
AvatarFleet was started by CEO, Mark G. Gardner. Gardner dedicated his life to making the world a safer place after being forced, by a hit-and-run driver, head-on into the path of a 26,000 pound Peterbuilt tri-axle dump truck on April 4th at 4:04pm – he hates the number four. Gardner started in the trucking industry in 1974 as a dock supervisor in Cleveland. He quickly worked his way to become the Vice President of Safety and Risk for Ryder P*I*E. After deregulation, he joined Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and in a three year time frame was the Director, National Accounts, Director, Research & Development, Director, Safety Services and Director, Public Safety Services. During this time he created the National Share To Road With Trucks Campaign, which endures to this day. He designed dozens of integrated risk mitigation tools and helped implement them at more than 200 truck, bus and limo companies. For the past 25 years, Gardner has been a serial entrepreneur starting five companies dedicated to safety. AvatarFleet is his latest spin-off and favorite child.

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