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Posted on January 15, 2017 in the category A-Fleet


In response to your request, I'll gladly provide you with this letter of reference and also speak with any prospects who may be considering your services. Thank you for asking.

Since meeting you and your team back in 1994, I've enjoyed tremendous personal career growth. I've been in the right place at the right time, worked hard and, all the while, relied on your expertise to create professional systems and processes that helped us achieve better results through our people. I've held executive-level positions with three of the largest ground transportation companies in the world and you've always been there to support my efforts.

You've conducted your insightful Compass Analysis, provided strategic recommendations, helped us write and implement standardized policies and procedures and created custom-branded curricula for drivers, operators, supervisors and managers. Now that we have these in place, we rely on you for our on-going safety communication campaign and state-of-the-art Safety Resource Center (SRC)

We appreciate your expertise and professionalism, but we've remained loyal all these years because you help us get better results. Plain and simple, we have fewer accidents and injuries and better overall performance from our people

Your processes help us consistently achieve better results, but when someone first meets you, they have to take a leap of faith that investing in your services today will yield better results tomorrow. I'd be happto discuss our results with anyone who might be getting to know you.

Drew Ellesmere-Jones

Senior Vice President, Safety & Risk Management


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