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20% More Hires in 50% of the Time.

Reduce the time-to-hire to under 5 days and take the burden off the driver.

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Lead Management

  • Track and manage driver candidates throughout your entire recruiting funnel

  • Create mobile-friendly branded website pages to showcase your open positions and facilitate the application process for drivers to apply online

Advertising Source Tracking

  • Unique links to automate lead source tracking
  • Visual reports for real time summaries
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Pipeline Management

  • Pipeline view prioritizes your next steps
  • Complete hiring steps in any order
  • Recruiters can enter data for candidate

Candidate Communication

  • Send templated texts/emails from the system to candidates
  • Receive images via text/email (such as CDL)

Customized Electronic Paperwork

  • DOT compliant application and release forms
  • Save 2 hours during orientation - make your new hire paperwork electronic and pre-filled. 

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