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If it's hard to apply, you can wave bye-bye

You're losing drivers to the competition with paper applications & downloadable PDFs.

Make it fast and easy to apply with AvatarFleet's applicant tracking system.

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20180419-Top 5 Reasons Drivers Quit

Are Drivers Growing Old Filling Out Your Application?

Young Driver Filling Out Application

Old Man FIlling out Application



Make it Fast and Easy for Non-Tech Savvy Drivers to Apply on Their Phones

Generate more leads with digital DOT compliant applications.

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The 4-Step Process to Making Your
Application Process Fast and Easy


Simplify The Application Process for Drivers


Prioritize Your Top Candidates Daily


Track Where Your Leads Came From


Build Your DQ File Digitally

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Turn More Leads into Hires with AvatarFleet's CDL Applicant Tracking System

Create New Recruiting Links Screenshot

Manage and Track Candidates

  • Track and manage driver candidates throughout your entire recruiting funnel
  • Create mobile-friendly branded website pages to showcase your open positions and facilitate the application process for drivers to apply online
  • Use unique tracking links to measure the effectiveness of your lead sources
Sign Receive Records Via Text

Communicate with Candidates

  • Manage all of your communication through your A-Suite account
  • Send templated texts/emails from the system to candidates
  • Receive images via text/email (such as CDL) and upload directly to your drivers' account
DOT Application Workflow 2

Customize Your Hiring Workflow

  • Customize each step of the recruiting process with pre-built tasks, email templates and requests
  • Save 10 hours a week you had previously been using to set up manual processes with one click of a button

Control Your Pipeline

  • Know exactly where each candidate is along the hiring process with a birds-eye view on a single screen
  • Keep your records up to date with notes, calls and interactions on a candidates profile
Comply Form

Digitize Your Onboarding Paperwork

  • Securely send and sign DOT compliance forms, personnel, documents, release forms and any other onboarding paperwork that used to be paper
  • Save 2 hours during orientation you had previously been using to have drivers sign paperwork


“A-Suite has saved me around 2 hours of signing paperwork to now provide safety and training to drivers during orientation.


Director of Safety, Puryear Tank Lines


Hand-Picked Resources


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Better Than a Boost:
Why Facebook Boosts are Ineffective for Recruiting Drivers


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Driver Persona


Build Your Driver Personas

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