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Customer Review – Trimac Transportation

"During the past 20 years, I have been VP of Safety for some very large fleets.  I replaced the use of Smith System with LLLC at every one, including Greyhound Lines, Baker Hughes, CEVA, MV Transit, Transdev and my current employer, Trimac Transportation.

Every time, we have achieved significant reductions in collisions and their costs. In my humble opinion I believe LLLC is the best defensive driving system available today. It’s fast, easy to teach and learn, and with phenomenal retention by drivers.  The icing on the cake is that is also costs a lot less than anything out there.  We especially like the short Safety Tune-ups optimized for smart phones.  They ensure our drivers keep safety top of mind at all times and they are easy to use by driver while in the cab while waiting to load/unload.

You won’t go wrong with LLLC."

- Alessandro Guariento, Vice President, Safety  Trimac Transportation

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