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Customer Review – ​New Orleans Tours

New Orleans Tours

Why I Love LLLC:
"LLLC is easy to grasp during training, simple in its concept, highly memorable, and to the point. Every professional operator I’ve come in contact with retains these principals, and that is KEY to them using them."
How I use LLLC:
"One of our basic lessons in every series of training classes is to introduce LLLC to every driver candidate. We re-emphasize the principals in refresher training, and to keep the principles in front of our operators we have a 3 feet by 8 feet sign posted on the exit gate of our property, so it is the last safety message everyone sees leaving our yard."
The Results We’ve Seen:
"In the past 3 years, our accident rate has dropped over 65%. Our insurance rates have dropped considerably, when most others are rising. We’ve been recognized by our insurer as an example of the type of transportation business that they want! LLLC principals have made all our operators better drivers, and the statistics are the proof."
Zane Webster, New Orleans Tours


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