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Customer Review – General Transport


I am happy to recommend the A-Fleet because I am passionate about making the roads safer. There are far too many road fatalities that don’t have to happen. I come to work every day to make the roads safer and your course helps me accomplish that mission.

You guys nailed it – it’s amazingly informative and hilarious. The A-Fleet covers a deep amount of information in a fashion that keeps the driver’s attention. They all walk away having learned something they didn’t know before, even experienced drivers. Every trucking company that’s committed to safety should have this course in their library.

When I started at General Transport, I found some old boring videos that put the drivers and me to sleep. Nobody wants to listen to monotone talking heads. I’ve had drivers come in and groan, “not another video - I’ve been driving for 40 years and seen them all. There’s nothing that they can teach me that I don’t know.” Even those drivers are engaged, laughed, and walked away pointing out information that they didn’t know. Drivers tell me this is the best training they’ve ever been through and that’s what really matters.

I have to give you special props for the Vehicle Dynamics module – it’s absolutely perfect. It explains an amazing amount of information in a hilarious manner. One driver laughed the whole 25 minutes. The action figures are goofy but it gives the driver a reference that they can remember. There is so much information but it stays with you because of the delivery. I’ve never seen a video better than this.

Ron Grimm


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