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Customer Review – Gateway Distribution, Inc.       


The A-Fleet is the best training I’ve come across in my 30 years of trucking safety.  We have been using the product since March of 2014 and I have no plans of stopping.  The 16 self-directed video modules are a key component of our four-day on-site orientation process.  I recap each module with the driver to reinforce the key learning points.  This has proven to be an effective module to set the tone for our safety expectations at Gateway Distribution.

The interactive nature of the videos keeps the driver engaged in the content.  I like the diversity of the five presenters because there is someone for everyone to relate to.  Sometimes it’s corny but it always engaging.  There is a lot of information that needs to be digested in a short period so the comedic spin lightens up the drivers.  The modern approach was desperately needed in an industry full of dated content.  The A-Fleet takes concepts such as Federal Regulations and makes it interesting!  Most of my new hires tell me this is the best training program that they have been through!

Willy Jennings, CDS, CSHM, Director of Safety


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