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Posted on February 3, 2017 in the category A-Fleet


Until now, safe driver training was not interesting, entertaining or exciting. Times have changed with the A-Fleet. When facilitated by one of our own safety analysts/instructors, it provides an atmosphere of learning and laughter that helps those in attendance better retain the information. One of my favorite modules is the LLL-CTM: Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room and Communicate. Now say that out loud to yourself three times, then repeat each time you get into your vehicle. This will help you remember and apply these safe principles behind the wheel.

The A-Fleet Professional Safe Drivers Course covers all the pertinent safety, defensive driving, and injury prevention principles you need to become a safe operator. Each participant that passes the course gets a custom certificate that some insurance companies even offer a 5% discount to those who successfully complete and submit it. It's a win-win for everyone. You can become a safer driver and have more money in your pocket. Get paid to be safe!!!

The industry could use more companies to implement the A-Fleet program to enhance their safety. The value you can achieve by implementing the A-Fleet is enormous compared to the very minimal cost of the program. Typically, the first place people look to save money is from the safety department. AvatarFleet has a cost-effective program that will ultimately end up increasing one’s profit by reducing liability.

Duane Hendricks, CDS
Safety Analyst

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