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Posted on January 15, 2017 in the category ApplicantCare

There are three things I like the most about working with AvatarFleet:

  1. Industry knowledge
  2. Customer service
  3. Easy to use product

You guys know trucking and it shows with ApplicantCareT™. The interactive workshops you provide for recruiters is a great way that helped us improve ad layouts, sales techniques and our recruiting message. Our Account Manager, Tyler, has been spot on when responding to any issues I may have or ideas that I believe might add to make the system easier to use. ApplicantCare™ has increased time to hire with the online application, better qualifying the applicant with pre-set knock out questions and receiving signed documents much quicker. No matter the size of the company, if you are looking to get a better-qualified applicant, better manage your recruiting process, and move into the 21st century, then I highly recommend ApplicantCare™ for your company too.

Jim Thissen, Director of Recruiting 

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