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Are your DQ Files audit-ready?

Our proven process will make you confident your DQ files are ready for the authorities

Audit Day

Is this what audit day looks like?


AvatarFleet's DQF Managed Services Team Gives You Peace of Mind that You'll Pass Every Audit, Every Time. 

We take care of everything - from ripping out the staples of your DQ files, to auditing every record for 100% accuracy.

Your Two Ways to Getting
Driver Compliance Peace of Mind

1. DQ File Transition (One-Time Project)

If your files are paper or digital, we can own the transition to A-Suite. This is a perfect time to review each DQ file for compliance.


We travel to your location with our scanners to remove the thousands of staples and digitize each DQ File.


We organize, label and upload all documents to their proper record type for each driver.


Our expert team reviews every record for FMCSR 391 compliance.

2. DQ File Managed Services (On-Going)

Once your DQ Files are digital, you may still need experts to review your records or you may want to outsource the management process completely.


Our expert team reviews 10% of your records for FMCSR 391 compliance, on an as needed basis.


Our expert team reviews every record for FMCSR 391 compliance upon upload.


Our expert team will manage the process of collecting expiring records from your drivers.

Hand-Picked Resources

DQ File Checklist

This checklist is a summary from FMCSA 391 and is designed to help you ensure no little detail is missed when you’re creating DQ files.

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Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Guide

Get help through the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse implementation with this two-page infographic guide

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How to Add 3% to Your Bottom Line Through Operational Excellence

This eBook will shift your approach to teach proper behaviors and not manage by rules and policies.

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Ready to Pass Every Audit?

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