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DOT Compliance Software To Help You Pass Every Audit

Ditch the time consuming paper logs, filing cabinets and manila folders and start using web-based software and automated processes to keep your drivers compliant.

DQ File Management-1
A-Suite Comply

Avoid the document scavenger hunts and stay ahead of every DOT audit.

Prevent the dreaded nuclear verdict from happening at your company and never touch another filing cabinet again.

Features and Benefits

Mass-Collect-Any-Form-1 Mass Collect Any Form
Eliminate-Paper-Files Eliminate Your Paper Files for Good
Caution Stay DOT Compliant with Expiration Alerts
Build,-Store-and-Secure-Your-DQ-Files-Digitally Build, Store and Secure Your DQ Files Digitally

Mass Collect Any Form

  • Collect any form or document digitally through mass email or text message.
  • Simply choose the drivers and the document you want to collect.

Eliminate Your Paper Files for Good

  • Everything is digital, meaning no more paper files.
  • No more complex file management systems - find the files you need when you need them.

Stay DOT Compliant with Expiration Alerts

  • Always be prepared for a DOT audit.
  • Always know the status of your driver qualification files, and ensure that your drivers are always qualified to be on the road.

Build, Store and Secure Your DQ Files Digitally

  • Our driver qualification file management software allows you to track everything that needs to be in a DQ file.
  • Include files like Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Pre-Hire Motor Vehicle Report (MVR), Road Test, DOT driver application, past driving records, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOT Compliance?

The Department of Transportation (or DOT) has a set of rules and regulations that govern commercial drivers - these rules essentially govern who can drive what vehicles where and when. The intent of these rules and regulations is to keep drivers, both professional and amateur, safe.

What is needed for DOT compliance?

While the DOT has a full list in their rules manual, the following are some of the essentials for staying DOT compliant:

  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Driver Applications
  • Disclosure and Authorization Forms
  • Pre-Hire Motor Vehicle Records
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Road Tests
  • Medical Certificate / Med Cards
  • Annual Motor Vehicle Records
  • Certificate of Violations / Annual Reviews
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • 7 Day Logs
  • Training Records
  • Medical Records
  • Personnel / HR Records
  • Accident Records
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Maintenance and Logs

Why Is It Important to Be DOT Compliant?

Each compliance violation under the current Federal Motor Carriage Safety Association’s regulations can cost you at least $11,000. Even worse, failure to comply with DOT regulations can prevent drivers from being on the road or even prevent your company from conducting business.

What is a DOT Audit?

A Department of Transportation (DOT) Audit or review helps determine a transportation company's compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

There are several things that can trigger a DOT audit:

  • Accidents or a large number of tickets
  • Failed roadside inspections
  • Failing the new entrant safety audit
  • Whistleblowers, a concerned safety team member who may contact the DOT to report violations
Hand-Picked Resources

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