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Ensure 100% Compliance in 50% of the Time

You should be focusing on true risk management, not clerical paperwork.

Go digital



Automate Your Driver Qualification Files

Applications, release forms and new hire paperwork from A-Suite Recruit are automatically stored for each driver without you having to touch them.

Receive Documents Via Text

Text expiration reminders to drivers such as CDL or accident photos. They reply with pictures of records directly to The A-Suite.

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A-Suite Comply FAQs

Prioritize Your To-Do List

Dashboard highlights Out of Compliance Drivers, Missing Records and Upcoming Expirations so you know what to prioritize.

Advanced Reporting

Slice and dice your data to tackle your priorities for the day: For example, isolate your expiring CDLs in Paducah, Kentucky.

software designed for all of your driver compliance needs

Highly Configurable

  • Create compliance rules that go above and beyond FMCSA 391 for any need such as state, customer or job specific requirements
  • Location-based hierarchy allows you to organize employees regardless of how many locations, regions or companies you have
  • Flexible Permission Groups for you to create for any combination of people/folders/record types

Average Time Savings

  • Candidates spend 5 less hours completing the application, release forms and new hire paperwork by eliminating redundant data entry
  • New hire paperwork saves 2 hours in orientation to focus on more important topics like safety, customers and culture
  • Compliance/HR team saves 1.5 hours per hire by drastically reducing the time involved to chase down candidates to complete paperwork and upload documents


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