LLLC Defensive Driving System


Are you tired of the same old boring defensive driving training materials?

Of course you are.

Until now, you didn’t have a choice. Nothing interesting, entertaining or exciting has ever been available. There’s never been high-quality, behaviorally-based professional driver education and training materials that engage drivers on the proper defensive driving procedures.

Professional driver safety training shouldn’t just cover your behind to prove to a jury that you provided training. It should actually make a difference and prevent the accident in the first place.


A-Fleet Devices.jpgLLLC is a behaviorally-based defensive driving system with three tiers.

All three tiers build on top of each other using the concepts of Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate.

  • CDL Finishing School: 8-week curriculum delivered by your LLLC Certified Instructor to turn a recent CDL grad into a truly safe and professional driver.