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Recruiting Drivers Using Social Media


Are you struggling to fill empty seats with the right drivers? Like you, we used to wonder where all the good drivers are hiding. Your driver problem can be solved. It just needs a new perspective.

For those who have been following along, we’re like an all-you-can eat buffet for recruiting and retention strategies; we never run out. You can build, grow, and develop your driver recruiting funnel. You can improve your lead to hire conversion rates. Once drivers are on board, you can keep them on board by improving their work-lives. Now, it’s time to add another tool to your recruiting arsenal: social media.

Why Social Media Recruiting Works

If you’re like most trucking companies, you have some social media presence but you struggle to capitalize on it. We have some good news for you: you’re on the right track. The vast majority of your current and prospective drivers are on social media. Here are some statistics to back it up.

It’s not hard to connect the dots. Drivers are on social media and applying for jobs on their phones and tablets. You have to meet them there if you want to keep hiring quality drivers. So, how do you tap into this market of candidates? Well, we have even more good news for you. Social media recruiting isn’t just for the big dogs and 20-something-year olds anymore. Any company can make a plan for effective digital/social recruiting and execute it.

Social Media Recruiting: Where to Begin

There are two things that are table-stakes for any type of digital marketing (including social media recruiting):

  1. An Applicant Tracking System
  2. A mobile-first application

You’re handicapping yourself without these baselines. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to easily track and manage all of your sources. A mobile-first application allows your drivers to apply from a truck stop, unloading at customer or waiting for their next load. These two work together to bolster your digital recruiting efforts.

3 Easy Steps Towards Effective Social Media Recruiting

Once you have an ATS and mobile-first applications, you’re ready to step-up your social media recruiting. Here are three methods to get you started.

1. Targeted Ads

People post too much information about themselves online. That’s great news for your digital marketing efforts. With modern tools and marketing technology, you’re able to identify key details for your driver demographics and psychographics. Organize your targeted demographics and psychographics into groups called Driver Personas. These personas will be your guide to setting up effective targeted ad campaigns.

Of course, creating and managing targeted ads can be complicated. That’s why it’s been reserved for the large companies since the advent of social media marketing. The times are changing, though. 

Now there are tons of products and services that allow any company with any budget to run effective targeted ad campaigns. If you want targeted social media advertising made easy and affordable, check out our new product A-Suite Ad.

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2. Positive Reviews

Many transportation companies have reservations about using social media due to their fear of negative reviews. It’s true that negative employee reviews on social media can tarnish your reputation and give a quality driver pause to apply. However, if negative reviews hold that kind of power, positive reviews are equally as powerful.

If you want to build positive reviews, it’s not enough to rely on the chance that your employees will leave them on your behalf. You need to ask your best drivers to leave positive and honest reviews. They’re likely to say yes if you explain why. If you have a referral bonus program, they’ll be even more inclined. That way, you’ll build a solid reputation and develop a driver-centric brand online. These efforts will produce more applications from higher-quality leads.

We had a great conversation with Joel Mandelbaum on our podcast about this very topic. Check out that episode of “Solving the Driver Problem” here.

3. Visual Storytelling

Not all online content is created equal. If you want an effective social media presence, you need content that catches people’s attention. Humans are visual creatures. That’s why pictures are more effective than just text, and video is the best of all. Video ads have the highest click through rate of any digital ad formats at 1.84%. Including relevant pictures and videos in your social media posts and ads means more clicks from interested leads.

Read the blog post: Postive Employer Branding Grows Your Fleet

Learn Social Media Recruiting From The Experts

With the basics covered, we’re ready to take a deeper dive into effective social media recruiting. We partnered with HireRight a while back to host a webinar called How to Create a Driver Brand.

Our friends Kyle Kistynik from Jetco Delivery  and Marilyn Surber from Melton Truck Lines joined us to provide real life examples of trucking companies who have driver brands that appeal to all drivers. 

The webinar included a live Question and Answer section that was brimming with activity. Below are some of those questions that focused on social media.

Social Media Recruiting Q&A

We don't have the budget to put in place costly ideas and processes for social media recruiting. What’s the best "Free" or low-cost idea that works?

Social platforms can have great success if you have a dedicated person managing those pages. Pick three sites to hone-in on (most drivers are on Facebook, YouTube, and the younger ones are on Instagram). To improve retention, use these sites for daily communication with your drivers.

The recruiting benefit is that prospective drivers will come to these sites to evaluate your company. They will see how well you treat your existing drivers. Of course, this strategy assumes you already treat your drivers with respect. Creating a posting schedule can be overwhelming. We created this Social Media posting calendar to help out.

Driver-Recruiters-Social-Media-CalendarDownload Social Media Calendar

In regards to Facebook as a recruitment tool, how many of the comments tend to be "negative"?

Our marketing team says about 25% are negative. However, Marilyn stated that most of the time her drivers will defend Melton publicly. We’ve seen the same, and this is the best case scenario. If they don’t, it’s up to you. Prospective drivers will respect you for replying in a timely and professional manner.

How and where do you advertise to increase the flow of drivers that you target?

The first step is to create your brand statement. Create a unique message that in one sentence tells your target audience why you have the best driving job available. Only then can you select advertising sources that attract your target audience.

Mass market sources like TV, radio, and billboards are expensive and inefficient. We currently prioritize targeted ads on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, as well as jobs boards like Jobs in Trucks and Craigslist.  Know your audience. Find their pain points and understand how your competition addresses those issues in ads. These will help regardless of the size of your company.

Social Media Recruiting For The Masses

Recruiting 101 says go where your candidates are. Well, drivers are on social media, and for the longest time this was a difficult market to tap into. The times are changing. It’s never been easier to make a digital/social recruiting plan and bring it to fruition. With the tips we gave you here, and some help from products like A-Suite Ad, your driver problem can become a distant memory!

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