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Posted on October 4, 2018 in the category LLLC
 "I highly recommend all AvatarFleet products.  Rarely have I ever found any product or service as helpful and out front as AvatarFleet."
What are the best features of LLLC Defensive Driving?
"Able to effortlessly assign and track progress of drivers certification process and continuing education – Not yet found any limitations for our needs."
What significant benefits have you realized since utilizing LLLC Defensive Driving system?
"Puryear's accident/incident rate has dropped and we now have a record of on-going training at our fingertips."
Can you talk about the customer experience using LLLC?
"We've had great response times and customer service with AvatarFleet. Whether it's by phone or email, we always get a response immediately - and it's a LIVE PERSON on the phone!"
Do you have any additional feedback on AvatarFleet?
"I use several AvatarFleet products – I am totally impressed with not just the products but even more so with the staff.  They provide tools and programs, but they are a people first organization.  They care about our success. "
Ron Patterson, Puryear Tank Lines 
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