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Puryear Tank Lines' A-Suite Success Story

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Puryear Tank Lines is a third generation, family-operated business specializing in bulk tank delivery of LPG, butane, liquid asphalt, HAZMAT transport, bulk dump, and bulk cement. Puryear has been in business for over 60 years and has over 170 drivers.

Struggling to Stay Organized and a Failed User Experience

Puryear’s original software platform was designed mainly for dispatch, and safety was an add-on feature. It was not user-friendly and produced poor imaging for important documents. 

“Our old software wasn’t user-friendly, and there was poor imaging. We had to search a lot for different driver file documents.”

The team had problems staying organized and often had to search at length for different documents for a driver’s file. With no automation capabilities, it took Puryear’s new hires hours to complete paperwork during their driver orientation.

Seconds (Not Hours) When Searching for Documents

By switching over to AvatarFleet’s recruiting, compliance, and training software, Puryear was able to effectively organize and manage driver compliance records, automate new hire and contractor paperwork, and train new drivers in defensive driving – all through a single platform.

“Now with AvatarFleet, we can access whatever document we need in a matter of seconds. It really made my staff happy, and if my staff’s happy, then I’m happy.”

Using Orientation to Train Safe Driving, Not Sign Paperwork

Once Puryear started using AvatarFleet’s system, they were able to send their new hires onboarding documents ahead of time, which they could electronically sign and send back. As a result, Puryear was able to remove two hours of paperwork from their driver orientation. With much of their old orientation process completed before the new drivers arrived, Puryear was able to focus more on driver safety and training. 

“We got those two hours back, which has allowed us to do what we’re here to do – provide safety and training to our drivers during orientation.”

Specifically, Puryear had their drivers start the LLLC Defensive Driving Certification process during those two hours. LLLC is an easy-to-memorize defensive driving protocol that teaches the four principles to driving safely: Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room and Communicate. The first two segments of the LLLC certification were done during Puryear’s orientation, and the online training modules were required to be completed within the first 90 days of employment. 

Once the drivers complete the online courses, they are given a raise. When they receive their LLLC Certification, they are required to take the Safety Tune Ups over the next 12 months. If they complete the Tune Ups, they become a Senior driver and then the next year, they become a Master driver. They receive a pay increase with each level.

Ron Loves:

A-Suite Recruit: Recruiting software to help manage candidates, track leads, automate new hire/contractor paperwork and run digital recruiting campaigns.

A-Suite Comply: Compliance Management software to help automate, build and manage driver qualification, personnel, drug & alcohol and incident records.

LLLC Defensive Driving: Driver training programs and software to help you run safety campaigns, track driver progress and groom the next generation of drivers.


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