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Driver Recruiting & Retention Strategies with Jason Crowell

The most recent episode of “Solving The Driver Problem” features special guest Jason Crowell, Recruiting and Retention Manager at Brady Trucking, Inc. 

Rea and Crowell discuss the recruiting evolution and how you can attract a fleet of high-quality drivers, even in the midst of the ever-changing supply and demand curve.

Purpose-Driven Recruiting Ads

“Rather than talking about the company, we talk about the driver.”

As Crowell points out, every business is a people business. Your business is connected to people. Your employees are connected to you, to each other, and to the market they serve. If you want successful recruiting ads, try focusing on your drivers as people.

Crowell utilizes recruitment ads that feature videos of drivers talking about their experience with Brady Trucking. The videos aren’t about Brady Trucking, though. They’re about the driver and their unique perspective. Crowell knows that emotional connection causes people watching the ads to act quickly and click the call-to-action.

Like we’ve discussed in past blogs, effective recruiting ads have a unique message that grab the viewer’s attention. You’ll find more success if your message is about your drivers rather than about your company.

Realistic Job Preview

“No company needs to recruit everyone. We need to recruit the right ones, not millions of the wrong ones.”

Jason Crowell has a tough job to sell to drivers. His drivers face long, hard hauls that take them away from their family, their friends, and their home for weeks on end. How does he convince someone that it’s the right job for them? He doesn’t. He just tells it like it is.

Too often, companies solve their recruiting problem by creating a retention problem. Would you rather hire 100 drivers who are going to quit in a week, or 10 who will want to spend the rest of their careers driving for you? You can’t grow as a company if you don’t hire drivers who are a good fit for the work you’re offering. 

One way to hire best-fit drivers is to utilize a realistic job preview, or RJP for short. A realistic job preview is a short video that shows job candidates what the job they’re applying for is like, before they apply. A good RJP doesn’t sugar-coat anything. It just tells it like it is. This way, the people who are attracted to that line of work apply. The ones who aren’t interested don’t waste their time or yours.

By investing in a realistic job preview, you will:

  • Attract better-fit candidates
  • Save your time by not wasting it on poor-fit applicants
  • Reduce your voluntary turnover

If you want help creating an RJP specific to your company, contact us here.

What Are Your Recruiting Strategies for 2021?

As if it wasn’t difficult enough already, 2020 brought a whole new set of challenges to recruiting, hiring, and retaining high-quality drivers. We’re facing more uncertainty and adversity than most of us have faced in our lifetime. That much is out of our control. You’re not helpless, though. It is still possible to solve your driver problem, as long as you take a new approach. 

Keep tuning into “Solving The Driver Problem” to learn about new and improved strategies from experts like Jason Crowell. What are you doing to evolve your recruiting strategy?

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