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How ATCO Hauling Increased Their Speed-to-Hire Using A-Suite

ATCO Hauling is a woman-owned, tractor-trailer and dump truck company that was founded in 1995 by Jackie Menefee. The company is based in Chesapeake, Virginia and is focused primarily on the construction and design-build industry.

Drowning in Paperwork and Spending More Resources

Before AvatarFleet, ATCO used paper and files for all of their driver applications and documentation. 

“Everything prior to AvatarFleet was paper, and I can’t stand paper,” said Travis Menefee, Operations Manager at ATCO. 

ATCO had previously required driver candidates to come to their physical office and complete paperwork by hand as part of the onboarding process. 

After a while, the paperwork became so extensive that ATCO had to hire a dedicated employee to sift through and process it all. 

“I had a separate desk in my office for an assistant to help me go through driver applications and figure out how we were going to process those applications after the candidates had already been rejected or hired,” said Travis. “They were already working for us before we could complete all of the fundamental steps to onboard them properly. It was overwhelming having to get all of that paperwork moving.” 

Transitions from Paper to Digital 

After using AvatarFleet’s A-Suite software, ATCO was able to significantly reduce the amount of paper, time, and resources needed to process and store candidate applications and information. Through A-Suite, ATCO was able to send applicants an electronic application to complete. 

“Online electronic applications have made my life so much easier because it takes file cabinets out of my office and puts them on the A-Suite,” said Travis. “I can now access the files in multiple different ways, and the paperwork no longer piles up and becomes a nightmare.”

ATCO was also able to eliminate the temporary staffing position and remove the additional desk, paper, and filing cabinets as a result of A-Suite.

Modernizes Onboarding Process, Increases Speed-to-Hire, and Saves Time

The speed at which ATCO was able to bring candidates on board increased drastically as well because of A-Suite. 

“The speed-to-hire is night and day,” said Travis. 



Candidates no longer needed to make multiple trips to the company to fill out an application, interview, and onboard. With the ease and convenience of the online application, ATCO’s onboarding became more efficient, and they received more driver applications.

“Drivers communicate really well with smartphones, especially through texting. We used to have to communicate with drivers by having them come to our office. Getting them here was always the hardest part. It’s a lot easier now with Avatar to stay in touch and communicate with them.”

Through A-Suite, ATCO is able to track applications and record notes from conversations with drivers, which also helps during the interview process. 

“You’re able to easily reach out to them and take tabs on their whereabouts prior to them walking in the door. Because you’ve been in touch with them, you know what kind of questions to ask them. The interview never starts cold,” said Travis.

Saving Time with A-Suite

As a family-owned and operated business, ATCO employees were able to achieve more work-life balance with A-Suite because of its cloud-based functionality.

“Even though I work 50-60 hours a week, I am able to spend some of those hours at home with my wife and family. The third party option with A-Suite gives me the ability to hop online and see what we have going on with applicants and my employees, and double check my compliances.”

“It makes a big difference balancing work and life. Even if I’m not spending a whole lot less time working, I’m able to address things more consistently and with better ability,” said Travis.

Travis Loves:

A-Suite Recruit: Recruiting software to help manage candidates, track leads, automate new hire/contractor paperwork and run digital recruiting campaigns.

A-Suite Comply: Compliance Management software to help automate, build and manage driver qualification, personnel, drug & alcohol and incident records.

LLLC Defensive Driving: Driver training programs and software to help you run safety campaigns, track driver progress and groom the next generation of drivers.


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