Driver Retention


It costs you more than $5,000 to replace just one driver. Turned down loads and missed opportunities hurt even more. Trucking has long accepted that turnover is part of the business but it doesn’t have to be. If you get buy-in from every department in the company, you can impact your retention goals.


We provide interactive workshops that inspire your people to take ownership of driver retention.  The outcome is a process for your team to follow that we tailor to your business. We’ll do research beforehand through executive level, middle managers, dispatchers and drivers.

Each workshop follows this outline tailored to your organization:

  • The current driver market
  • Behavior Basics: Understand human behavior and why people behave for rewards
  • Selection: Make hiring decisions based on Can Do and Will Do
  • Orientation: How to welcome new drivers to the family
  • Retention Reinvention: Why drivers join you & why drivers leave you
  • Dispatch Communication: The four components of communication
  • Building Trust: The three components of building trust
  • Conflict Resolution


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