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Custom Safety Programs to Reduce Your Cost of Loss

Invest in a safety program custom to your company to significantly reduce accidents, injuries, and cost of loss

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Return on Investment

Outcome-based training made specific for your needs will save you 20% or more on cost of loss – it will save you more money than you invest.


Proven Positive Results

Our team of safety experts, IO psychologists, instructional designers, videographers, and programmers work with you to create a powerful program to positively impact your business.


Created Specific For Your Needs

Your company has unique challenges. Overcome these challenges by creating and implementing a world-class safety program. 

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What Is Involved?

A custom safety program will be branded to your company using your vehicles, people, workplaces, situational demands, policies and procedures. 
Based on your budget and goals, the program can be as large or small in scope as necessary. It can be created to educate and train your drivers, frontline leaders, receptionists, technicians or even executives.

We uncover and agree on your needs that have the greatest impact on your business. With your collaboration, we then build a custom safety program guaranteed to give you a positive return on investment.

Why AvatarFleet?

AvatarFleet has created hundreds of custom-designed safety programs for companies around the globe. The end result is always a program that saves lives, reduces cost of loss, and leads to operational excellence.

Carriers We've Helped


Here's what our happy clients are saying about our Custom Training Programs.

"American Medical Response wanted to create a culture of World Class Safety in an organization that consisted of more than 250 recently acquired companies. Avatar took the time to understand our vision, designed and developed programs that established clear behavioral expectations for our managers and employees and, through their creative genius, identified unique interventions to impact employee behaviors. I would highly recommend Avatar for you company."

Ron Thackery

Ronald W. Thackery

Senior Vice President, American Medical Response

"Avatar created our new operator education and training course and creates and manages our continuous education and communication campaigns. The results have been remarkable. Driver turnover is down and our losses have dropped by an outstanding $17 million per year."

Chris Hensen

Christopher Hensen

Manager of Safety Training, Republic Services

"Our injury rates have dropped by 30.5% percent and safety is getting a lot more mind-share with our managers. Avatar has proven its capabilities and we continue to rely upon their creative talents as we now turn our attention to the development of standardized recruitment and selection processes."

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Christopher J. Neu

Vice President, Veolia Environmental Services

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