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Easy & Effective LLLC Recertification

Reduce accidents & improve instructor skills with LLLC Recertification.

LLLC Certification lasts two-years before instructors need to be recertified. Start your recertification process today.

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LLLC Recertification is a streamlined process. It achieves superior results in less time than the competition.


Reduce Accidents & Injuries

With Recertification, instructors gain new skills and insights into LLLC. They will achieve better training outcomes with their drivers.


Proven Results

Recertification is guaranteed to deliver measurable outcomes, reduce accidents, and produce a positive return on investment.


How Does LLLC Recertification Work?

LLLC Recertification is completely self-guided:

  • Recertification candidates complete educational online lessons
  • Candidates complete an online test
  • Candidates submits Commentary Driving Video
  • Each candidate has a coaching session with a LLLC Master Certified Instructor

Why is LLLC Recertification Important?

Recertification helps instructors:

  • Keep LLLC fresh
  • Develop as professionals
  • Sharpen their training skills
  • Train drivers to prevent accidents

Get Started Today

Schedule a 15-minute meeting to learn more about LLLC Recertification today.