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LLLC™ Instructor and Driver Certification

LLLC Instructor and Driver Certification

LLLC Defensive Driving is superior to any other system, takes less time away from work, and costs less than half of the competing alternatives. We provide training and certification to your best instructors who are then authorized to teach LLLC Defensive Driving to your drivers. LLLC is easy to learn and proven effective in reducing collisions.

The simplicity and ease to remember is what makes this process work. Say Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate three times and you’ll have it memorized! E xperience fewer accidents and injuries and enjoy lower loss costs with LLLC.

Instructor Certification includes:

    • Complete 14 self-directed A-Fleet courses and pass final exam
    • Complete 2 trainer specific courses and pass final exams:
      • Learning for Adults
      • Coaching the Adult Learner
    • Attend a day-and-a-half on-site workshop that includes:
      • Introduction to LLLC Instruction
      • Behind-The-Wheel for LLLC Instructors
      • Commentary Driving for LLLC Instructors
      • LLLC Commentary Driving for one hour while being evaluated
      • Coach/instruct another person in LLLC for at least one hour while being evaluated
      • Receive a signed / framed certificate, pins and patches and entered into the LLLC database
      • Get entered into the LLLC master database and use AvatarFleet as a future

Driver Certification includes:

  • A curriculum your certified LLLC Instructors follow to train and certify your drivers
  • Skills evaluation forms

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