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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use driver video testimonials?

Driver video testimonials provide the most authentic portrayal of what it's like to work for your fleet. Testimonials have been proven to help a candidates select an open job position 40% faster than traditional advertising methods.

How can I use these testimonials?

We recommend using these testimonials on your careers pages, your social media pages and any paid job postings you're doing. These videos help you stand out from other job postings and employers. Use them as much as you can!

What questions do you ask?

We ask a range of questions, from what the best part about working for your fleet is, to what a driver's career goals are, to how your fleet can help them overcome their challenges. The idea here is to collect as many soundbites as possible from the driver without inundating him/her with too many questions.

How long does this take to complete?

A DriverAsk project takes under 30 days to complete, as long as your drivers submit their answers promptly.

How do we get drivers to respond?

We provide you with templated emails and subject lines that guarantee responses. You're not going to get responses from every driver, which is okay, so we recommend either hand-selecting your drivers, or, sending your DriverAsk out to at least 30 drivers.

What if the responses are bad?

It's inevitable that you might receive "bad" responses. Those answers will not be used for your driver testimonials. However, we will share them with you in unedited form so you can work on any negative comments your drivers may have about working for your fleet.

We're ready to start a project...how do we get started?

If you're ready to sign up, please book a discovery call using the button at the top of the screen.

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