Driver & Truck Compliance


  • Are you storing driver qualification files in manila folders? 
  • Do you want one place to store and set reminders for expiring driver qualification files, truck & trailer maintenance records, and employee training files? 
  • Does DOT stay more than a few hours for an audit?

You have hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of files that need to be stored for your drivers, office employees and trucks. Many have expirations that require your timely action. Nothing can fall through the cracks, and you need auto backup. You need these files one click away so Department Of Transportation (DOT) auditors spend hours, not days, on site.

ComplianceCare™ is a Compliance Management System that stores all of your documents with an alerting system that builds and prioritizes your to-do list.

  • Personalized dashboard puts Out of Compliance files, your upcoming tasks and your subordinate tasks in one easy to digest place
  • Auto-generated reports give you real time info to break down your data by location, job, file type and any other data point you track at a click of a mouse
  • External Auditor View gives DOT access to ONLY what they request with a few clicks and gets them out of your hair before lunch!

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Auditing Services: Monitor and audit driver qualification files

We are staffed with DOT experts who know FMCSA inside and out.  They stay on top of all trucking regulations to give you advanced warning of the latest rule changes.  The most fun they have is coaching your staff to keep them out of trouble.

DQ File Outsource: Manage and maintain driver qualification files for your fleet

Those same experts who audit your DQ files will gladly take the entire process off your hands.  We’ll manage your DQ files per FMCSA Part 391.51, and take the burden off your plate.

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