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KRTS has teamed up with AvatarFleet to deliver the most advanced professional defensive driving system in the world, LLLC

LLLC Defensive Driving is superior to any other system, takes less time away from work, and costs less than half of alternative instructor certification programs. We provide training and certification to your best instructors who are then authorized to teach LLLC Defensive Driving to your drivers. LLLC is easy to learn and proven effective in reducing collisions by 20%.

Applicants must apply for the program and meet the minimum criteria which includes experience, safety records and other key factors to attend the course.

KRTS Buyer's Guide Cover

Download the LLLC + KRTS Buyers Guide

Use this guide to learn about:

  • The LLLC Process for both Instructors and Drivers
  • The benefits of implementing LLLC Certification at your fleet
  • Pricing for both Instructor and Driver Certification


Download the Buyer's Guide

KRTS Calendar Dates

Course Dates:

June 17 and 18 Register now!
November 11 and 12 Register now!


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