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“The A-Fleet Professional Safe Drivers Course covers all the safety, defensive driving, and injury prevention principles you need to become a safe operator. The industry could use more companies to implement the program. The value you can achieve is enormous compared to the very minimal cost of the program.”

“The drivers like the content. It gets the point across and the drivers agree. I like the quizzes to confirm they took the course and I can see their grades. We would recommend this program for anyone training drivers new to your company, in safety meetings or for remedial purposes.”

“I’ve used the A-Fleet at two companies now and think it’s the best driver training out there. Overall, it’s great content and the production keeps drivers paying attention. I’d recommend it to anyone who needs training that actually changes driver’s behaviors.”

“Training isn’t the most desirable thing for a lot of drivers but A-Fleet has gotten a good response. No one is proficient at everything and this jogs the memory of things they may have forgotten about. It lets drivers know that we care and invest in safety – it’s important that safety stays top of mind.”

“I like A-Fleet because it holds your attention. It’s hands on learning and it appeals to those who care about safety. The strong visuals and storytelling wrap drivers into the content. The specific characters have expertise in areas that help you remember and relate to the concepts.”

“We have been using the A-Fleet driver training course for our experienced new hires and our trainees with no driving history. Our driver trainers and drivers like the content style because it keeps the drivers engaged in the material.”

“The A-Fleet was exactly what we needed. AvatarFleet takes a creative approach that wakes up and engages our drivers. I chose the A-Fleet for two key reasons: the engaging approach and the modular design. It is a powerful tool that is already helping us reduce accidents, injuries and insurance claims.”

“The A-Fleet covers a deep amount of information in a fashion that keeps the driver’s attention. They all walk away having learned something they didn’t know before, even experienced drivers. Every trucking company that’s committed to safety should have this course in their library.”

“A-Fleet is the best training I’ve come across in my 30 years of trucking safety. The interactive nature keeps the driver engaged. The modern approach was desperately needed in an industry full of dated content. Most new hires tell me this is the best training program they have been through!”

“I am happy to endorse the A-Fleet™ because I love the videos. The content is exactly what I need our drivers to remember on the road. The content is rock solid but I also appreciate the funny style of the courses. All of our drivers have seen the same boring stuff and this captures their attention.”

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