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“Online electronic applications have made my life so much easier because it takes file cabinets out of my office and puts them on the A-Suite. I can now access the files in multiple different ways, and the paperwork no longer piles up and becomes a nightmare. The speed-to-hire is night and day.”

“Our old software wasn’t user-friendly, and there was poor imaging. We had to search a lot for different driver file documents. Now with AvatarFleet, we can access whatever document we need in a matter of seconds. It really made my staff happy, and if my staff’s happy, then I’m happy.”

“A-Suite Recruit is very user friendly and helps us keep a large applicant pool organized. We’ve received positive feedback from candidates about their experiences. The positive response confirmed we made the right choice. I would recommend A-Suite Recruit to any trucking company.”

“All applications are accessible to everyone and no applicants fall through the cracks. The customer service has been excellent. I will continue to send our friends in trucking your way because A-Suite Recruit will help anyone recruiting drivers.”

"The biggest improvement we gained was the speed.  The turnaround time waiting for applications is drastically reduced because it’s easy for drivers to fill out.  The fields force drivers to complete all the stages so everything is completed before orientation.  It has cut a half day out of our orientation process."

“I am happy to recommend A-Suite Recruit to anyone hiring drivers because of its ease of use. The system has all the information I need right there. The customer service is fantastic. It's clear you know driver recruiting which has helped us get the most out of A-Suite Recruit for our recruiting.”

“AvatarFleet has been a great partner since the beginning. Their customer service is extremely responsive. A-Suite Recruit and A-Suite Comply allow us to manage an increased hiring volume and driver qualification files without making additional administrative hires.”

"The interactive workshops helped us improve our ad layouts, sales techniques and recruiting message. If you are looking to get a better-qualified applicants, better manage your recruiting process and move into the 21st century, then I highly recommend A-Suite Recruit."

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