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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between using A-Suite Ad and boosting a post on Facebook?

Built-in boosting tools primarily let you target people based on geography. Advertisements sent out through A-Suite Ad are matched back to a rigorously tested combination of probable driver characteristics identified on social media as well as our file of CDL holders. This allows us to reduce the large number of unqualified applicants that companies often see come through on job board platforms. Advertisements sent out through A-Suite Ad can also be sent to even more precise targets.

Can I engage with or respond in A-Suite Ad to drivers that comment on my ad?

You are not able to direct message or comment on ads in A-Suite Ad. You can only reply to comments through your personal or Facebook Business Page. If you want to look at comments and reactions on a particular ad, all you have to do is click the “View Ad” button next to it and a new tab will open in your browser showing the ad on Facebook.

Where do I find leads coming in from my ads?

When a prospective driver submits a lead form on your ad, their information feeds into your A-Suite account in real-time. Find their information by accessing the Browse icon in the Navigation Menu on the left side of your screen. Click on Candidates. Then, filter the Job field to only show "Undefined". These are individuals that filled out a lead form. Your next steps as a recruiter are to reach out to these people to figure out which position opening they want to apply for, and then switch their Position to the correct one so they can begin the application process.

Do you offer a Free Trial?

Yes. You can sign up for A-Suite Ad Standard free for 30 days.

How do I know who is seeing my ad?

While Facebook does not allow us to know the exact identity of everyone who sees your ads, we are able to help you gather details about the drivers viewing your ads. All of our audiences are built based on a rigorously-tested combination of probable driver characteristics identified on social media or our list of CDL holders. These identities are matched back to specific social profiles, rather than ambiguous cookie or browser session data. You will have access to all lead form information that potential drivers have provided, along with visibility into the reaction/comment section of your ad. A-Suite Ad also offers standard reports with different account types and A La Carte options which help you better assess performance.

Is there a daily limit to how many times drivers will see my ad?

Drivers have the potential to see your ad a maximum of four times per day. Facebook sets this maximum to ensure the most relevant and recent content is being shown to users. Having a limit of 4 impressions per user per day helps to keep your content relevant without oversaturating your drivers. This means your ad will only be able to reach a certain amount of drivers per day. So, if your audience has 1,000 drivers, the absolute maximum number of Impressions in one day is 4,000.

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