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Using the New Search Bar

Watch this webinar as we introduce the new A-Suite Search Bar and explain how it makes searching for Users, Employees and Candidates fast and easy!

Mass Actions

In this webinar, we teach you how to perform actions in large batches instead of having to address each individual process or action.

Available functions include: Mass Emailing Users, Mass Rejecting Users, Mass Reassign Users, Mass Reassigning Users to a Recruiter or Assignee, Mass Transferring Users to different Locations or Managers, Mass Deleting Users.

Saved Views

In this video, we teach you how to use the Saved Views feature, a powerful customization tool that lets you see important data and filter out information that you don't currently need. We go over how to:

  • Create your own saved views
  • Access saved views you've previously created
  • Edit your already used saved views
  • Delete views you no longer wish to use