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Purple Cow Academy-1


Purple Cow Academy

Learn how to double your hires without spending more on ads.

We've compiled years of research into a 7-part video series to help you double your hires without needing to spend any additional advertising dollars.

DQ File Checklist


DQ File Checklist

The Driver Qualification File can be overwhelming, but with this free checklist, you can ensure no detail is missed when you’re creating DQ files.

Access this free checklist so you can be sure you pass EVERY DOT audit.

75 Retention Tips


75 Retention Tips

Before you pour more money into recruiting, how many operators quit your company last year? What if you could plug the hole in the bucket and retain your top talent? 

This eBook is a checklist of 75 tactics to help increase driver retention.

What Our Clients Say

"I sleep well at night knowing that I am 100% compliant.”

Eli McCormick, Bestway Express

"With A-Suite, I'm able to do access my work at my house instead of at the office...and that that means having a happier life, happier wife and family because I can be present when I need to be." 

Travis Menefeee, ATCO Hauling


"Our old software wasn’t user-friendly, and there was poor imaging. We had to search a lot for different driver file documents.

Now with AvatarFleet, we can access whatever document we need in a matter of seconds. It really made my staff happy, and if my staff’s happy, then I’m happy.”

Ron Patterson, Puryear Tank Lines

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