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Recruiting Retention Safety

3 Safest Truck Drivers on the Biggest Subjects in Trucking


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Retention Safety

When Is A Driver Ready For The Road

The most difficult part of any supervisor position in trucking is to assess when a new person is ready to drive on the road. Everyone has their own wa...

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Retention Safety

5 Reasons To Road Test New Drivers

It’s one of the most common things that happens when you hire a new driver. A driver used to drive for the company down the road. He or she decided th...

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Increase Driver Retention by Reducing Stress

There are many ideas to try to cut turnover for truck drivers and keep retention at a high level. But one area driver retention efforts often overlook...

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Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Be Thoughtful and Practical

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Retention Safety

Refocus on Safety During High Accident Periods

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Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Involve Families

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Recruiting Retention

How To Do A Successful Driver Rehire Campaign

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Recruiting Retention

Get Ready For Truck Driver Appreciation Week

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Recruiting Retention

CCJ Survey Proves That Driver Shortage Doesn't Exist

The good people at Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) released their latest “market pulse” survey at the beginning of the month to take the temperature ...

Recruiting Retention

Recruit Truck Drivers for Retention

A trucking company always wants to keep the truck drivers they recruit. That’s pretty obvious; you always want to retain everyone you hire. Unfortunat...


Improve Driver Retention

You may have heard that driver retention numbers have improved slightly in the trucking industry in the past few years. ATA reported that turnover upt...


Retain More Drivers With Great Dispatchers

A major reason for driver turnover that comes up time and time again is that drivers leave based on the way they are dispatched or a lack of assistanc...

Retention Safety

Confident Drivers Are Safe Drivers 

You have a group of drivers beginning their orientation this week. They have all passed their written tests and have been cleared to get started. Some...

Retention Safety

Solve Driver Turnover By Teaching Your Team Problem Solving 

By now, this blog has taught you that to solve driver turnover takes practice, effort and time. One answer isn’t going to cut it for every trucking co...

Retention Safety

Tracking New Driver Progress

Few things are more critical to driver retention than communication. It is so important that you establish effective communication with your new drive...

Train Your Drivers To Help Other Drivers
Retention Safety

Train Your Drivers To Help Other Drivers

Trucking companies have taken great pains to help new drivers get used to their jobs. They have upped bonuses, splurged on extra training, maybe even ...

applications can reduce driver turnover
Recruiting Retention

Your Applications Could Be Costing You Hires

This blog post has been updated on January 27, 2021.


Driver Voices Matter

When it comes to reducing driver turnover, there is no magic formula. No matter how effective management is at your company, there’s no way to ensure ...


How To Stay Cool Truck Driving In The Summer | AvatarFleet

Summer means your drivers will be out on the long, hot road. While some people prefer the heat to the bitter cold of winter, summer can be just as dan...

Recruiting Retention

Celebrating Those Who Sacrifice

At AvatarFleet, we love safe drivers. The Ohio Trucking Association’s (OTA) Truck Driving Championships and Technician Competition in Sandusky are tou...

Recruiting Retention

Help Your Managers Solve Driver Conflict 

An inevitable part of trucking is conflict. Conflict can come from almost anywhere and is never pleasant. Sometimes conflict can even lead to driver t...

Recruiting Retention

What Your Drivers Need To Know From Other Drivers 

We told you in last week’s post that it’s critical to have your experienced drivers explain to your new ones the way things are at your company. We’re...

Recruiting Retention

Recruit and Retain Drivers Better by Going to WFBCON!

By now you’ve probably come to realize that the best way to find recruiting strategies that work for you is to try different things. One of the best p...

Recruiting Retention

Retain More Drivers with Clear Expectations

The New York Times published a recent piece on the life of a long-haul trucker. The article not only calls attention to some of the issues that driver...

Retain Truck Drivers By Keeping Them Active

Retain Truck Drivers By Keeping Them Active

We've mentioned that hiring truck drivers requires some imagination. The same is true in truck driver employment retention. Once you have your drivers...


Keep Your Drivers Without Breaking Routine

Truck driver retention continues to be one of the biggest challenges you face on a day to day basis. If you have read our other blogs on retention, yo...

Recruiting Retention

The Top Three Qualities of Ohio’s Best Truck Drivers 

  The Ohio Trucking Association celebrated the top 12 professional truck drivers in the state and announced Mark Spencer, YRC Freight, as the 2016 Dri...

Compliance Retention

How the Trucking Industry’s Turnover Rate Impacts Safety 

This blog post was updated on March 3, 2021.


Stopping Driver Turnover During The First Six Months 

Most of the trucking companies we work with have a solid core of veteran drivers who have been with them for years, but almost everyone seems to suffe...


Driver Turnover: Death by a Thousand Cuts 

The trucking industry has struggled with excessive driver turnover for years and has made very little progress solving the problem, but everyone is lo...


Driver Retention and Communication 

Excessive driver turnover has nagged the trucking industry for decades. There are several reasons retention proves challenging, but some of these are ...

Compliance Retention

How To Improve Truck Driver Compliance  | AvatarFleet

Truck driver compliance and turnover are related. Compliance can be irritating, confusing and ever-changing, but it’s an essential piece of the turnov...

7 Communication Tips to Improve Driver Retention

How To Build a Driver-Centric Culture

If you truly love your safe drivers, you’ve invested in building a driver-centric culture. A driver-centric culture put your drivers first in every de...


The High Cost of Driver Turnover

Andy wanted to spend more on driver retention, but first he had to justify the extra spending to his uncle, so he decided to do a study on the high co...

Recruiting Retention

What Is Driver Turnover? And How to Avoid It | AvatarFleet

Our recent webinar with the Ohio Trucking Association discussing driver retention has had a lot of people asking us just what is driver turnover and w...

Recruiting Retention

The Top Ten Reasons Why Drivers Quit and How To Fix It 

The Ohio Trucking Association recently asked us to present our research findings on the Top Ten Reasons Drivers Quit and How to Fix It. Our blog forma...

Recruiting Retention

Find Truckers Looking for Work, By Serving Current Drivers 

The Over-The-Road trucking industry is waking up and not accepting 100% driver turnover as a cost of doing business. Everyone searches for available t...

Recruiting Retention

Improve Truck Driver Recruiting & Retention | AvatarFleet

Recruiting Retention

Truck Driver Retention Strategies   

Andy started in operations his family’s trucking business right out of school, but he was quickly promoted to Director of Recruiting and Retention. Hi...


What To Do About Increasing Truck Driver Turnover Rates 

A recent CCJ Article featuring the results from the MarketPulse Survey confirms what we already know: truck driver turnover rates rank as the industry...

Recruiting Retention

The Answer to the Driver Problem (Shortage) 

Is it Otto, or Auto?

Recruiting Retention

Benefits for Truck Drivers: The Secret Weapon for Retention

Driving trucks is more than a job. It's a lifestyle. And it's a lifestyle that's not for everyone. Drivers frequently work in the middle of the night....

Retention Safety

Don't Be A Victim of Safety Fatigue

There is such a thing as "safety fatigue".

Recruiting Retention

How To Create a Driver Brand: Build a Driver Centric Culture 

If you constantly recruit, hire and then lose drivers, you need to work on your driver brand. Earlier this week, we answered the unanswered questions ...

Recruiting Retention

Truck Driver Shortage: Fact or Myth?

You’ve seen the headlines since deregulation in 1980 about the truck driver shortage in America: it’s bad and getting worse.

Recruiting Retention

How to Create a Driver Brand

When trucking companies hear about our success recruiting drivers, they always ask us for our secret sources. Advertising where your prospective drive...

Retention Safety

You’re Upside Down – Put Drivers On Top of Your Org Chart

Recruiting Retention

Reduce New Hire Driver Turnover By Setting Expectations 

I was waiting for a flight at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport the other day, when I decided to take a pre-emptive strike at the restroom.  The airport was b...

Recruiting Retention

How To Increase Driver Pay Without Paying More Cents Per Mile

This blog post was updated on May 26, 2021.

Recruiting Retention

Simple Tips for a Great Start: Make Paperwork Suck Less

The Majority of Driver Turnover Happens in the First 90 Days Trucking companies know that the majority of their turnover occurs in the first 90 days o...

Recruiting Retention

Quantify Your Driver Pay & Benefits

Pay is always a top concern for drivers yet trucking companies can’t precisely tell a driver how much he or she will make in a year. Drivers tend to t...

Recruiting Retention

How To Reduce New Hire Driver Turnover

According to a Commercial Carriers Journal survey involving 423 fleet management subscribers, fleets are primarily focused on managing job expectation...

Recruiting Retention

How Low Unemployment Affects Recruiting & Retaining Drivers 

Record Low Unemployment


Use Treatment, Transparency and Trust to Cut Driver Turnover

An Unengaged Workforce A Gallup study from 2015 stated that 70 percent of American workers hate their job or are completely disengaged. You can’t run ...

Recruiting Retention Safety

Top 10 Reasons Truck Drivers Leave Companies | AvatarFleet

In January 2008, Deborah Lockridge, published an article in Heavy Duty Trucking listing the top ten reasons drivers quit one company only to go to ano...


6 Communication Tips to Help Driver Retention

This blog post was updated on February 4, 2021. 


Ideas to Improve Truck Driver On-Boarding

Getting a new truck driver off to a good start is of the utmost importance. It can be the difference between the driver having a solid career with you...