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How To Create a Driver Brand: Recruiting & Social Media 

If you experience constant driver turnover, you need to work on your driver brand. Earlier this week, we outlined How to Create a Driver Brand to summ...

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Truck Driver Shortage: Fact or Myth?

You’ve seen the headlines since deregulation in 1980 about the truck driver shortage in America: it’s bad and getting worse.

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How to Create a Driver Brand

When trucking companies hear about our success recruiting drivers, they always ask us for our secret sources. Advertising where your prospective drive...

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Reduce New Hire Driver Turnover By Setting Expectations 

I was waiting for a flight at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport the other day, when I decided to take a pre-emptive strike at the restroom.  The airport was b...

How to Develop a Driver Brand Statement

Learn How To Develop A Long Term Driver Brand | AvatarFleet

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How To Increase Driver Pay Without Paying More Cents Per Mile

This blog post was updated on May 26, 2021.

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Simple Tips for a Great Start: Make Paperwork Suck Less

The Majority of Driver Turnover Happens in the First 90 Days Trucking companies know that the majority of their turnover occurs in the first 90 days o...

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Quantify Your Driver Pay & Benefits

Pay is always a top concern for drivers yet trucking companies can’t precisely tell a driver how much he or she will make in a year. Drivers tend to t...

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How To Reduce New Hire Driver Turnover

According to a Commercial Carriers Journal survey involving 423 fleet management subscribers, fleets are primarily focused on managing job expectation...

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How Low Unemployment Affects Recruiting & Retaining Drivers 

Record Low Unemployment

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Top 10 Reasons Truck Drivers Leave Companies | AvatarFleet

In January 2008, Deborah Lockridge, published an article in Heavy Duty Trucking listing the top ten reasons drivers quit one company only to go to ano...


Truck Driver Recruiting: Never Stop Learning About Your Competitors

Competition for truck drivers is a much bigger marketplace than your competition for hauling freight. Your competitors include any other transportatio...


How Can you Improve the Trucking Industry’s Image?

Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) is the trucking industry’s image and education movement, formed to change the perception of the trucking industr...


Driver/Technician Shortages: Count Only on Yourself

The latest news is that not only is the driver shortage not getting any better (hint: it’s getting worse) but the technician shortage won’t get better...

How to Recruit More Women Drivers

How to Recruit More Women Drivers

As cited by the American Trucking Associations’ report, woman are an underutilized segment of potential drivers.


Is There Really a Driver Shortage?

AvatarFleet exists to solve the driver problem for the trucking industry, so it’s natural that we search for new articles and studies that help shed l...


Answer to the Driver Problem Not What You Think | AvatarFleet

I spend my work time thinking about the driver problem and ways we can help solve it for our clients.  In my spare time, I play blues guitar.  Last ni...


Driver Shortage: Is It the Number One Problem?

Driver shortage, turnover, churn, and the heavy hand of the government with programs like CSA and HOS were conspicuous topics at this year’s ATA Confe...


Don't Fall Victim to Zombie Recruiting

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Strengthen Your Online Presence to Win Driver Recruiting

Actions that the government takes in the interest of trucking safety (CSA, HOS) seem (and often are) incomprehensible, counter-intuitive and, well, cr...