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A-Suite Product Updates March 1, 2018 | AvatarFleet


The A-Fleet: Professional Safe Driver Course

Improved Submit Process

  • Driver’s quiz results now auto-submit after completing each question - they no longer have to click the Advance button or “X” out of the course.
  • This gives managers real-time visibility on the driver’s progress on the quiz and will prevent learners from mistakenly leaving the lesson early before submitting their results.

Submit 1F

Classroom Training Materials

  • Our classroom training materials have been added to each A-Fleet course available for download
  • This gives learners a place to take physical notes during the self-directed learning and provide managers content to conduct in-person safety meetings
  • They can be downloaded or viewed via the “Classroom Guide” module inside each corresponding course
Follow the instructions using the screenshots below:

A-Fleet new product step 1.

AvatarFleet new product steps 2-3AvatarFleet new product step 4
AvatarFleet new product step 5
Certificate Enhancement
  • Certificates are now available for both the driver and the manager. Drivers enjoy keeping record of their training as recognition they’re investing in their profession.
  • Drivers:
    • Certificates are available after a driver has completed a lesson through the “Completed Courses” Page.
    • Each course you’ve completed has a “Certificate” button. When you click it, the download link will then start to load. Once it has loaded, click the “Available Here for Download” link for the certificate.
  • Managers:
    • Managers can search for drivers and then the completed courses. They can follow the same process as drivers to download the certificates. 

A-Fleet new product steps 1Certificate 2F

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