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Get More Drivers to Apply on Facebook With A-Suite Ad's Latest Update



It just got a whole lot easier to build a consistent recruiting machine filled with the right drivers!

You now have a tool that identifies professional drivers outside of your current Facebook followers, serves an ad in their feed and with two clicks of their thumb, they can send their information to A-Suite without leaving Facebook. Then, that driver is back to scrolling on Facebook and not looking at your competition's jobs. We’re proud to report that our clients using this feature are seeing a 12% increase in lead conversions compared to landing pages.

Why This Integration Helps You 

A-Suite helps you manage, track, and convert your leads while reducing your recruiting budget. A-Suite Ad proudly delivers less leads because the quality is that much higher. A-Suite Ad is the one and only Facebook + Instagram targeted ad software specifically designed for the transportation industry. Now, the two work together better than ever.

With this new integration, you will:

  • Streamline your recruiting pipeline

  • Save time tracking down Facebook leads

  • Convert more leads to candidates

How This Integration Works

A-Suite Ad allows you to easily launch and manage hyper-targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. Now, when someone clicks on your ad and hits submit, their information is automatically populated into A-Suite (in real-time!). You’ll receive an instant notification that you have a fresh lead. Because the ad was served in the driver’s feed and not a jobs board, the driver is not immediately bombarded with other driving jobs.

How that information looks will depend on the information you collect in your ad. At the bare minimum, you’ll end up with:

  • The lead’s name
  • Their contact information
  • When the lead was created
  • The lead source (in this case, A-Suite Ad)

We recommend asking one to three qualification questions to help you prioritize which leads are the best fits for your company. For example, asking potential leads for their professional driving experience or license endorsements would help you get extremely focused in your recruiting efforts.

Start a free trial to see how we can help you fill your empty seats and reduce clicks along the way!

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