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The LLLC principle is an easy thing to remember and to teach new drivers. It is a very interesting course and the instructor had a lot of experience to share with the class to make it interactive.

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We have been using ApplicantCare for several months now and are very satisfied we made the transition.  ApplicantCare is very user friendly and really helps us keep a large applicant pool organized.  Also, and probably more importantly, we’ve received positive feedback..

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Until now, safe driver training was not interesting, entertaining or exciting. Times have changed with the A-Fleet. When facilitated by one of our own safety analysts/instructors, it provides an atmosphere of learning and laughter that helps those in attendance better..

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AvatarFleet used the real world to produce the A-Fleet and make it real.  They used our safety team as Subject Matter Experts in the creation of this course along with peers from our insurance company.  The drivers like the content.  Some say it's corny but it gets the..

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I’ve used the A-Fleet at two companies now and think it’s the best driver training out there.  It’s funny and everyone likes Wheels.  We’ve never had drivers ask to take training home before!  The familiarity of the characters helps the drivers relate to the concepts..

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