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How Brisk Clients Use LLLC to Reduce Risk and Prevent Incidents

Brisk Management Services was formed in 2013 to provide risk financing and risk management solutions to mid-cap trucking companies. Their flagship captive program, Tarwheels, was formed in March of 2015. 

A captive is an insurance company that provides coverage to its members through member financing and reinsurance. Captive members reduce their reinsurance costs and gain more control by sharing risk with other well-managed trucking companies. 



Reduce Risk & Insurance Costs

As part of their risk management solutions, Brisk wanted to partner with a provider that would help members of their captive reduce and manage the risk of accidents and violations. 

“The biggest exposure our members of the captive have is the person behind the wheel,” said Bob Bernatchez, Founder and President of Brisk. 

“If we can help make them better at their job, make them more consistent with applying safe behaviors, we’re going to end up with better results.”

Since fewer incidents equals more manageable insurance costs, Brisk needed a program for its members that would assist professional drivers in their day-to-day management of traffic, speed, and space. 

Partnered with AvatarFleet for LLLC Defensive Driving

Brisk chose to partner with AvatarFleet after learning of the company’s products and quality defensive driving program.

“I was impressed with all of the products related to training drivers, and I wanted to be a part of it,” said Bob. 

Brisk was especially impressed with AvatarFleet’s LLLC Defensive Driving instructor and driver certification process. 

LLLC is an acronym for Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room, and Communicate. This defensive driving system is delivered through the train-the-trainer model and online courses. 

Brisk sponsors the LLLC program for all of its members to help them develop a safety culture and to train their professional drivers in defensive driving.  

“We made LLLC available for our members who don’t have an effective system or who aren’t using a system at all,” said Bob. 

Improved Safety Culture Results in Reduced Loss Costs

Brisk member companies who embraced the LLLC program found it easy to use and effective. 

“We were pleasantly surprised at how many people became enamored with the program and decided to switch to LLLC from another system because they saw it was easier to use and just a more effective training tool,” said Bob.

As more members of the captive used LLLC and focused on safety, they were able to reduce their number of incidents, which resulted in a reduction in their captive’s insurance costs. 

“I think our overall good financial results, our low loss ratio, is in part due to our relationship with AvatarFleet,” said Bob. 


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