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ATC Driveaway Doubles Hires, Improves Speed-to-Hire With A-Suite

ATC Driveaway Transportation Services offers commercial truck manufacturers, work truck builders, and fleet management companies reliable, on-time, professional driveaway services. Founded in 2001, ATC Driveaway transports trucks of all types from a variety of industries.

The Old Applicant Tracking System Wasn’t Working

In 2019, ATC Driveaway was using one of the older driver Applicant Tracking Systems. The problem was that this other system could not be tailored to meet ATC’s process which caused triplicate data entry and downloading/uploading PDFs into multiple systems. As a 100 driver outfit looking to double their fleet with one person, they needed the right tools. 

Misty Monday, the ATC Driver Recruiter, made it clear that she could meet the aggressive recruiting goals only if she had the right tool, A-Suite

As a one woman army, Misty recruits, hires, and onboards professional drivers and processes all of their driver qualification files. Since she wears many hats, Misty knew that she needed the right software that both ensures DQ File compliance and speeds up her recruiting process.


Her Personal Assistant, A-Suite

Prior to her role with ATC Driveaway, Misty worked with AvatarFleet’s software, A-Suite. Having been familiar with the benefits of the software, she told her boss that the only way she would hit her numbers was with A-Suite. 

“With my experience with Avatar in the past, I knew what was out there and what kind of potential we could have to be more efficient. Fortunately, we were able to take a look at Avatar and A-Suite again, and we began moving over to the software in 2020,” said Misty.

Misty said the software allows her to move through the driver process faster because she doesn’t need to switch between different tabs or systems.

“By having the screens in front of me, I’m able to move through processes faster. I am able to customize my requirements for A, B, and CMV drivers. It makes organizing more efficient,” said Misty.

Increased Efficiency, Improved Speed-to-Hire Time, & Doubled Hires

After partnering with A-Suite, ATC Driveaway has been able to improve their speed-to-hire.

Originally, they calculated that it would take four hours to hire one driver with all of the paperwork and manual data entry. With A-Suite, they’ve been able to cut that time in half, which has allowed them to focus more on quality driver recruitment.

“Now that I don’t have paper pushing or data input, I am able to use my time to talk to drivers more and get more in depth interviews with them,” said Misty.

With less data entry and paper, the company was able to bring on 50 drivers over the course of nine months, and they project to double their fleet by the end of 2020.

“We’ve brought on about 50 drivers since I’ve been in this position. We will again double our driver fleet by the end of the year,” said Misty. “We are a small company, but we’re growing.”

The ease and efficiency of A-Suite also allows ATC Driveaway’s management and leadership to stay up to date on their driver compliance and recruitment progress. 

“It has really made a big difference to my boss as well as to our owner. They can log on and see what’s going with applicants on the dashboard. It’s a quick visual that shows we’re hiring drivers and moving through the process,” said Misty.

ATC Driveaway has been able to fully utilize and benefit from all of the features and integrations of A-Suite. They love the fact that they can stay in one system and manage all of their compliance files, driver applications, and communications, including those sent to drivers via text messages.

“I’m so pleased and impressed with all of the improvements that have been made to A-Suite over the years. I couldn’t be happier with where we are right now,” said Misty.

What Is A-Suite?

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