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Fill Your Empty Seats Now

Fill Your Empty Seats Now!

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What is A-Suite Ad and how will it help me hire more drivers?

A-Suite Ad connects to your company's Facebook and Instagram profiles, enabling you to use our
advanced machine learning to hyper-target professional drivers with recruiting ads.

A-Suite Ad

The Secret Sauce:

  • Hyper-Target Professional Drivers

  • Build Custom Lists and Ads in Under 60 Seconds

  • Ad Differentiation


A-Suite Ad Accounts

Learn about A-Suite Ad's pricing tiers below.




Free + Ad Spend

1 Facebook Page Connection

Initial Account Setup and Walkthrough

Access to Email and FAQ support



$500/mo + Ad Spend

All of the benefits of a Basic account

Five (5) of your own Uploaded Audience Lists

10 Facebook Page connections

Smart Lead Forms for pre-qualifying candidates

2 Quarterly Reports that visualize ad performance metrics



$1,250/mo + Ad Spend

All of the benefits of a Standard account

Ten (10) of your own Uploaded Audience Lists

Unlimited Facebook Page Connections

One (1) hour-long Strategy Call with our team

Four (4) Custom Audiences created by our expert marketers

2 Monthly Reports that visualize ad performance metrics

How Does A-Suite Ad Work?

Hyper Target Candidates

Hyper-Target the Highest Quality Leads

Set a target radius to identify the number of professional drivers in that area to display ads in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Retarget Leads Who Don’t Convert

You can re-send ads to prospect drivers who click on your ad but don’t submit their contact information.
Easy to Use Builder

Simple-To-Use Ad Builder

In 5 minutes or less, you can create your headline, upload a video or image, create your call to action. To publish your ad, simply set your budget and timeline.
Custom Performance Reports

Custom Performance Reports

Check your results with custom performance reports with deeper analysis into impressions, reach, clicks and leads.

Manage Everything In One System

Post ads and receive leads without ever having to leave A-Suite. Now you can easily and accurately track cost per hire.


Frequently asked questions about A-Suite Ad.

What is the difference between using A-Suite Ad and boosting a post on Facebook?

Built-in boosting tools primarily let you target people based on geography.

Advertisements sent out through A-Suite Ad are matched back to a rigorously tested combination of probable driver characteristics identified on social media as well as our file of CDL holders. This allows us to reduce the large number of unqualified applicants that companies often see come through on job board platforms.

Advertisements sent out through A-Suite Ad can also be sent to even more precise targets.

Can I engage with or respond in A-Suite Ad to drivers that comment on my ad?

You are not able to direct message or comment on ads in A-Suite Ad. You can only reply to comments through your personal or Facebook Business Page.

If you want to look at comments and reactions on a particular ad, all you have to do is click the “View Ad” button next to it and a new tab will open in your browser showing the ad on Facebook.

What additional performance metrics can A-Suite Ad provide?

Standard Reports show how particular ads or Facebook pages are performing with the drivers you are targeting. These reports take a deeper look and extrapolate out compound metrics including:

  • Cost per lead
  • Percentage of leads that were qualified
  • Cost-per-hire (for A-Suite Recruit users)
  • Click-through rate
  • Frequency

Select additional or alternative metrics can be provided upon request.

Does this post from my Facebook page or from A-Suite Ad?

All ads are published from your Facebook Business Page. Your ads will exclusively come from the “Associated Page” you selected when creating them. If you manage more than one business page, be sure to double-check that you are pushing ads from the correct page.

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